Sectors of activity

The products we produce and distribute at SARANTIS GROUP, belong to one of the following categories:
  • Mass Market Cosmetics (personal care products)
  • Household Products (including products for professional use)
  • Health & Care Products (vitamins, nutrition supplements, testing kits, pharmacy cosmetics)
  • Luxury Cosmetics (perfumes, face care cosmetics and make-up)

The first two categories represent the basic growth pillars of the Group, as they account for 90 % of our total sales, numbering more than 80 different brands. The majority of these brands are produced at SARANTIS GROUP’s main production facilities in Greece and Poland.  They include own well-known brands , like SANITAS, FINO, JAN NIEZBEDNY, AVA, NOXZEMA, CARROTEN, BIOTEN, ELMIPLANT, KOLASTYNA, ASTRID, ORZENE, ΤΕΖΑ, PYROX, CAMEL, BU, C-THRU, STR8, PROSAR, AFROSO and ΤRΥLET; all benchmark products in their respective categories.

Through exclusive representation agreements, the Group also maintains a large product portfolio of international brands, like JOHNSON & JOHNSON, ADIDAS, PLAYBOY, COPPERTONE, DENIM, VAPONA and COLOR CATCHER, to name a few.

In the Health & Care Products category, the Group produces and represents many leading brands of vitamins, food supplements, testing kits and cosmetics, such as SOLENE, LANES and CLEARBLUE.

Finally, in the Luxury Cosmetics category, our portfolio includes internationally renowned fragrance and beauty and care brands, such as LA PRAIRIE, PRADA, LOLITA LEMPICKA, NINA RICCI and PUPA.
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